Spend More Time Making Money and Less Time Making Work Orders

You wouldn’t wear a suit to a job work

Since EasyBeezy has all of the information your crews need for the day like job instructions and customer contact information  – you’ll be making work orders and routes in minutes, not hours.

  • Forgot to add an important note? Just add the note to the job when you think of it and get back to what you were doing.
  • Doing the same route on a regular basis? You can easily copy jobs or entire work orders in EasyBeezy so all of the information and details from previous visits don’t have to be entered over and over again.
  • Be a better manager: no one likes to be micromanaged.  You can check EasyBeezy – you have the information available 24/7!

Why are you still making work orders at a desk?

Your time is valuable. EasyBeezy will cut down on time spent in the office making work orders.

Paper work orders and routes are not only time consuming, but can be frustrating for you and your crews. We don’t have to tell you that time is money.

EasyBeezy’s mobile work orders make it easy to manage through the day:

  • Check on the crews’ progress throughout the day whenever, wherever.
  • Get out of the office: make changes on the fly, make work orders anywhere and run your business with more flexibility.

Move jobs around within an existing work order or route.

Move a job to another work order

Make work orders on your phone

Add or edit customers

EasyBeezy is available through the Google Play or App Store, respectively. It’s not available on flip phones, walkie talkies or Nokia 3310s.