The time spent tracking time in and out at each job adds up!

Think about this:

  • A two-person mow crew spends ~30 seconds writing the time in and out on paper at each property and entering the address of the next property into the GPS
  • That’s a total of 1 MINUTE (30 seconds x 2 crew members).
  • Let’s say that crew mows 20 PROPERTIES, 5 DAYS a week.
  • That’s 100 MINUTES each week –more than 1.5 MAN HOURS!
  • Multiply those 1.5 MAN HOURS by the 25 WEEKS in the average mowing season.

Ouch! You’re paying 37.5 MAN HOURS EACH YEAR so one guy can watch another guy write the time down on a piece of paper!

EasyBeezy easily captures time in and out of jobs with a few button clicks and has back end reporting that does the math for you

Even if you don’t do time and material work, tracking how long it takes employees to do work can help you improve bidding and estimating – and make you more profitable.

Ways  paper work orders cost your business:

  • Messy paperwork and documents: How much time is wasted by filling out paperwork, typing addresses into the GPS, or communicating with the office?
  • Accommodating last minute requests: Are you able to easily add or remove jobs? How do you communicate the changes to your crews?
  • Human error: Post-it notes and text messages are bound to get lost in the shuffle without a tool helping you to keep track of it all.
  • Poor communication: How are you sending updates to your crews? If your only form of communication is by phone, not only is distracting your drivers on the road, it’s inefficient and unsafe.
  • Inability to react and replan: When unexpected problems impact your plan (like traffic, parking, or on-demand requests) you need to be able to make last minute changes fast.

EasyBeezy is available through the Google Play or App Store, respectively. It’s not available on flip phones, walkie talkies or Nokia 3310s.