ezbz.app FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does your crew ask the same questions over and over, year after year? Ours do too. Here are a few questions you may have about ezbz.app. You can also visit our Support and How To Page for instructional guides, videos, and to contact our Support team.

There are three types of routes, or "work orders", in ezbz.app: Draft, Active, and Archived. Admin users can create, edit, and view all three Route types. Regular users (crew members) can only see Active Routes.
Graphic comparison of two screenshots in ezbz.app for Admin Users and Regular Users

Admin Users can:

  • Create, Edit, Change Routes
  • Add and Edit Customers
  • Add and Edit Users
  • Add Job Tasks and Route Notes
  • Pull Reports
  • Copy and Move Jobs
  • Copy Routes
  • and more...

Regular Users are your crew members.
Regular Users can:

  • See Active Routes
  • Check In & Out of Jobs
  • Add Job Comments
  • Add Job Photos 

blue graphic indicating a feature that is only available for Admin Users of ezbz.app

When you are done with a Route, you can Archive it. Archived Routes can be reused and copied. The Archive is easily accessible in the main menu. Basic and Bronze plan Admin Users can access their Archived Routes for 1 year. Silver and Gold Plan users have unlimited access to their Archived Routes. 


screen shot on a phone of the report list in ezbz.appSilver and Gold Plan Admin Users have full access to a wide variety of reports. The reports can be viewed on your mobile device, computer, tablet, and can even be downloaded to a spreadsheet.

Any user with admin rights can easily create, edit copy and delete work orders and routes right in the app or from the web-based admin panel using Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

Customers can be added individually or all at once in the web-based admin panel by uploading a .csv spreadsheet 

We use the words “route” and “work order” interchangeably to mean the same thing: the list of jobs and tasks your crews need to do every day

Any user with admin rights can make changes to routes, work orders, jobs, notes, customers and users right in the app or from the web-based admin panel using Chrome, Safari, Firefox

All changes show up in the app as soon as you hit the save button.

Only the users assigned with admin rights can make changes to jobs, routes, work orders, customers and users. The crew can add their own notes and photos to the jobs from the app though.

The ezbz admin panel is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox

Yes, admin AND regular users can add photos to a job. The crew can easily upload photos from the phone as well as add comments as well!

Yes! ezbz.app is compatible with any iOS 9 and up.

Yes! ezbz.app is compatible with Android versions 4 or newer.

No, ezbz.app only works on Apple, Android and web-enabled devices. But, we’re jealous at the battery life your phone likely has.

Yes! ezbz.app integrates with your phone’s map app so your crew can easily navigate to the next job. 

ezbz.app tracks the time when the crew checks in and check out of each job. 

You can change your ezbz.app subscription plan at any time in the Settings menu. One of the subscription plans is free. If you cancel your account, you will lose access to all information in your account including customer information, work history, time entries, and user information. To cancel your account, please Contact Support

A refund for our lifetime subscription is available after 3 days unless required by law for a longer period of time. For example, users living in the European Union, United Kingdom, or Turkey have the right to cancel their Paid Account subscriptions within 14 days of signing up for, upgrading to, or renewing a Paid Account by contacting us

ezbz.app is available on Apple and Android devices. It’s not available on flip phones, walkie talkies or Nokia 3310s.