Ethics in the Workplace

We know that understanding ethics in a workplace can be complex. Maintaining ethical standards can be even more difficult if you don’t know how to, so we made a list of how to keep ethics in your workplace and the benefits.

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The Importance of Time Tracking 

Here are the top reasons why it is essential to keep track of your time. And what we think you could do to improve your time tracking skills and what you can do with the extra time you obtain by tranking your time.

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Long Term Project Success Tips

We know long-term project success can be tricky, so we made a list of the top ten things that will help you improve all your future projects to have long-term project success.

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The Best Ways to Save Gas Money With ezbz App

The best way that ezbz can help you save money on gas is by keeping up-to-date information on the fastest route that you can take your job, and if there is traffic, the app will find a new path that will work around that block.

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Why the ezbz App is Essential for Dog Groomers

The top reason that the ezbz app is essential for your dog grooming business is making it easy to schedule appointments and manage those appointments. It is easy to communicate with all of your employees and let them know the services that they will be completing. It is easy to add new information for people that aren’t tech-savvy but need to swap employees for jobs or add new clients.

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