You know who likes happy customers? Everyone!

How are you communicating customer preferences to your crews?

Sending your crews out with the right information, like customer preferences, is just as important as the right tools to do the job itself.

Last minute requests? Yeah, we get them too. It’s hard to say no to a last-minute request if you know the crew is going to be close by. EasyBeezy let’s you quickly add a new customer and then add a job onto the work order. And since each job includes details like the customer’s name, your crew can address your newest customer like they have known her for years.

It works both ways! With EasyBeezy, your crews can add notes and photos, thereby streamlining communication and improving day-to-day operations. Your crews can give you customer information from the job site in real time. This reduces the chance of errors, incorrect billing, illegible handwriting, lost estimates, and it keeps you in touch with what’s going on with your customers.

EasyBeezy is available through the Google Play or App Store, respectively. It’s not available on flip phones, walkie talkies or Nokia 3310s.