You can't plan for last minute changes in your schedule...

          • Someone calls out sick? – how do you adjust routes on the fly? 

          • One of your trucks breaks down – how do you know how many jobs are left?

          • You worked all day and are running late for your son’s soccer game – how do you quickly make tomorrow’s routes?

          • A job takes longer than expected to complete – how do you shuffle the remaining jobs around?

Here are some of the ezbz features that will make your day easier:

Check in and out of jobs right in the app

Move or copy a job to another work order

And for the days that do go as planned...

  • Move jobs around within an existing work order
  • Edit work orders in real time
  • Add or edit customers
  • Copy full work orders
  • Copy and move individual jobs between work orders is available on Apple and Android devices. It’s not available on flip phones, walkie talkies or Nokia 3310s.