Have you ever wondered why field service companies are so necessary after a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado?

In recent years, natural disasters have increased exponentially thanks to urbanization and global warming. This has led to a rise in demand for field services that provide emergency support in remote areas. These jobs range from food distribution to search and rescue operations and even building repairs.

A field service company can provide recovery services to both businesses and consumers. Although these might seem like small tasks, they can have huge implications. For example, if we look at Hurricane Katrina, various field service companies were able to locate hundreds of thousands of people who had been stranded and helped them return home. There is no doubt that a disaster can be an intimidating experience, and having the right information at your fingertips to get you through the process can make your experience much easier. 

Helpful Industries After Natural Disasters

Field service companies provide professional assistance to businesses and individuals after certain types of natural disasters occur. These include floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other severe weather events. Some examples of these field service companies include:

• Emergency repair specialists (ERPs)

• Restoration contractors/plumbers

• Clean up/janitorial companies

• Electrical contractors

• Fire restoration experts

• Painters

The first thing a homeowner wants to do after a disaster occurs is to get back into his home and begin fixing it so he can live in it again. If the house isn’t safe when the emergency workers leave, then what makes you think it is going to be if you go back inside yourself? A lot of times, the home is just beginning to look like itself again once everything is cleaned up, and even though the insurance company is usually willing to cover the cost of repairs the work should be done by skilled professionals who understand the process of restoring a property.

While some people may try to convince you that you can fix anything for cheaper than professionals, I would recommend that you take this advice with a grain of salt. I have seen many homeowners attempt DIY projects that end up costing them far more money than they anticipated. Some people think that they know enough about construction and electrical wiring to save money by not hiring someone else to repair something, but the truth is most people don’t realize when they’ve made a mistake.

Faster Rebuild

Homeowners need to have their homes fixed quickly and efficiently. They don’t want to spend time waiting around until the next day for somebody else to arrive on-site and do the work. That means they want field service companies to respond almost immediately, and that’s exactly what they get. In fact, the majority of field service companies have emergency response teams that are ready to take action the moment they receive a call from a customer needing help following a major storm or fire.

Since field service companies are always available immediately after emergencies happen, they save everyone money because they can start working faster than would otherwise be possible. They also provide immediate relief, which means they reduce the stress and confusion that comes along with being out of home for long periods of time. In addition, field service companies keep businesses open longer as opposed to shutting down, which saves customers money by reducing business interruptions.

Better Quality and Cheaper Work

A good quality contractor who provides the right kind of craftsmanship is going to make the process go much smoother. A good contractor is going to know how to perform every step of the renovation correctly and efficiently without causing unnecessary problems. This goes hand-in-hand with getting the job completed fast because you don’t want to spend all day fixing something that was improperly installed in the beginning.

Also, labor costs can add up very quickly, especially if you’re having multiple people come into the house. A field service company can use fewer resources, which results in lower labor costs. Even better, these workers are skilled enough to fix whatever problem has been brought up and can diagnose what exactly is wrong, saving you time and money.

Necessities for Customers

The most common services provided by field service companies are: emergency repairs, cleaning up debris left behind, moving furniture to allow access to rooms, painting the walls and ceilings, replacing plumbing fixtures, repairing appliances, removing mold and mildew, cleaning carpets, doing electrical work, installing insulation, etc. These are only a few examples of the hundreds of services available. Most field service companies offer a variety of services, but many focus on one or two areas most heavily affected by natural disasters.

Also, remember that insurance companies will not cover rebuilding costs, but you can get that money back later. This is an important point! Do NOT assume the insurance carrier will pay for your rebuild costs unless you are 100% certain. If there is any uncertainty at all regarding whether or not the insurance company will pay for rebuilding, you need to seek legal advice before proceeding with any repairs.

Some insurers will pay for reconstruction, others won’t. When it comes to reconstruction, there’s no sure way of knowing until you apply for a check. The way to find out if the insurer will cover parts of the construction cost is to contact the claims office and ask them.

Many companies and organizations rely on their field service providers to get things done. When natural disasters strike, field service companies are often the first to respond, and that’s why it’s such an important position to have. It helps to know what you’d like from a field service provider before you call them. Both the field service companies and customers need to understand how to handle fragile situations, especially in times of need.

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