According to studies, promotional videos are one of the best ways for businesses to market themselves effectively. In fact, 94% of customers say they would be more likely to buy from a company if it had an online video. So, why your business needs a promotional one?

The concept of a promotional video is very simple. It helps to drive traffic to a marketing campaign which in turn drives sales. They may all act as mini advertisements for your business, helping you gain awareness over time. When you create a video promoting your business, it will not only increase awareness about your brand but also attract new customers. For field service companies, it’s important to promote exactly what your business does.

If you are a plumbing business your video can provide information about how plumbers work with clients and even show reviews of past jobs. If you run a housekeeping business your video can feature testimonials and explain what makes you different from competitors. If you own a landscaping business, you should showcase some of your work as well as any awards you might have won! It helps to establish trust and shows clients that you are professional. A good example would be a small-scale garden center which has a section dedicated to showcasing plants of different ecosystems. The possibilities are endless because there is so much you can do in such a short video.

Whatever the case, there is going to come to a point when people will start looking for these services. One way of getting them is by posting on social media or better yet creating a video that describes this particular service. The goal is to draw people in with an eye-grabbing headline within the first few seconds. This will get someone interested in watching the whole video.

However, there are many different types of videos out there. Some are entertaining while others are informative. The type of video you make depends on your target audience. If you want to showcase your landscaping service, you might start with making a “hands-on” demonstration video on YouTube explaining what services you provide. Customers should also be able to see the end result, take pictures before and after so they can see the transformation. On the other hand, if you don’t mind sharing information about your business, then you could post educational tutorials on social media sites.

Nowadays, marketing through social networking websites has become very popular particularly among small businesses as a result of their ability to reach a large number of potential clients. As these social platforms grow in popularity, advertising through them becomes even easier and highly successful. Today, there are several such websites like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram that allow users to upload their content within seconds.

Possible Video Pathways

Promote your content with promotional videos: The first reason why you should consider making a promotional video for your business is that it allows you to promote the types of content that need promotion. For field service companies, you could use a promo video to help you promote job offers. You could also use one of these videos to showcase products and/or services. When you want to promote your company’s culture, values, and mission statement, a promotional video is perfect.

Promoting other businesses through promotional videos: Another great thing about using a promotional video as part of your marketing campaign is that you can provide exposure to other companies by endorsing them. If you own a housekeeping company, you could include a review video in which you talk about the benefits of working for another cleaning business. In the same manner, if you are a pest exterminator, you could endorse a lawn care company in exchange for free services.

Include a product demo video: Even though not everyone may know what you offer, most people will always appreciate seeing a product being used. By giving them a chance to experience what yours is all about, you will give them added incentive to purchase from you. Therefore, including a product demo video into your marketing campaigns is probably the best idea you can ever implement. You can even create a tutorial or instructional video where you demonstrate various features of your service and equipment. Such videos are beneficial as customers will see endorsements from reputable organizations and thus tend to trust them more.

Create viral videos for social media: When used properly, promotional videos can spread like wildfire across social media platforms. Viral videos generate views and likes as well as encourage viewers to share content. 

Include testimonials in your promotional videos: Testimonials make for powerful endorsements. They give people who use your product or service a clear indication of whether they are satisfied with the quality of the product. Even if a prospective client has never interacted with your brand before, he/she will easily relate to a person who is happy or unhappy with your product. With a good testimonial, people who haven’t experienced your product often tend to believe in your business. In a situation where they see someone else using your product, this tends to reinforce the credibility of your brand. Therefore, including customer reviews and testimonials in your videos can positively impact your sales.

When you’re looking into promotional videos, think outside the box. Keep an open mind when choosing what kind of video you’re going to produce. Remember, the goal here is not just to inform or entertain viewers; instead, your goal is to persuade them to act. So whatever you decide to add to your video, make sure that it’s relevant and persuades your audiences to take action.

Reasons to Use a Promotional Video for Marketing Purposes

Your promotional videos can be used to advertise your business. These videos can be uploaded to various social networks such as YouTube or Vimeo. Some sites charge advertisers depending on factors such as frequency of uploading, length of each clip, number of times each video is viewed, and so on.

Other reasons why using a promotional video can help your business include:

To highlight your company’s product or service quality and/or features.

To communicate with current clients and build relationships by showing you care enough to listen and provide value.

To demonstrate that you are trustworthy, transparent, and honest. 

To show your expertise in your field and thus position yourself as an authority.

To generate leads for sales (website, phone, email, etc.).

To promote and announce special offers.

To entertain your viewers and get them involved. 

To make people aware of upcoming events.

To encourage audience participation through social media. 

To advertise your event or announcement, such as new openings, promotions, website updates, special deals, conferences, etc.  

If you are looking for a way to promote your field service company, then a promotional video may be an excellent option. There are many different ways to approach this type of project depending on the nature of your product, but some things remain constant regardless of what you’re selling; namely, you want to find something unique that will catch people’s attention.

If you want to make the video yourself…

You can do so for free by shooting footage around your office or home. However, keep in mind that your marketing budget will likely dictate how much money you spend on your project. If you have no idea where to start, search online for “free promotional videos” to find more inspiration. Once you’ve come up with ideas, put those together with your thoughts about the potential benefits of having a promotional video for your business. Consider all these aspects carefully and choose the best options for your specific needs.

Do not forget that although promotional videos can potentially cost nothing to create, they still require time and effort. You need to consider the production schedule of your video, which means that you should plan ahead. This might mean spending part of your marketing budget ahead of time. It’s also important to consider if your intended target audience would even notice a minor change in your presentation style because of your use of technology; in other words, does your video need to be ultra-modern? That being said, there are numerous types of promotional videos out there. 

If you want to hire someone to make a promotional video for you…

You can opt for high-quality services that don’t break the bank. Many companies offer affordable prices for their services. Therefore, you won’t end up losing a lot if you pay less compared to investing a great deal of money in other ways. The average rate depends on the complexity of the content, as well as the number of words used.

Before paying a professional to make a promotional video, consider asking friends and family members for input. They could give you tips regarding the style and feel that would work best for your business. Or, you could ask them for advice regarding potential topics. It’s also possible that they’ll provide examples of videos that they think are effective.

There are clearly so many reasons why you should get involved in promotion activities. So what are you waiting for? Start Creating.

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