Make and manage work orders from an app on your phone. Anywhere, Anytime.

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Construction Foreman on Jobsite on phone

ezbz is THE mobile work order app that gives you and your crew access to the information you need while out in the field anywhere, anytime:

        • Job details

        • Customer information, notes

        • Photos

        • Jobtime tracking

        • Billable hours

        • Direct mapping to the next job

The less time you spend in the office each day means you can do more real work.

Route List

There are things that need to get done every day to keep your business moving forward – and you’re often working against the clock.

No matter what else is going on: the crew still needs a work order so they can go out and get the job done. 

We get it: you and your crews go out every day to do the work and make money. 

ezbz’s features include:

  • Make work orders anywhere; not just at your desk

  • Easily make last minute changes to work orders and routes

  • Cut down on time-wasting texts or phone calls in the field

  • Eliminate handwritten notes 

  • Keep your staff organized

  • Digitally record time in and out of each job

  • Use less paper is available on Apple and Android devices. It’s not available on flip phones, walkie talkies or Nokia 3310s.