A Simple, Affordable Work Order & Time Keeping App For Your Service Business


Do you have these problems?

      • Employees call out sick
      • Customers cancel last minute
      • Time consuming paper routes
      • Crew questions all day
      • Tedious billing process
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    That lead to:

      • Scrambling and lost time
      • Miscommunication and lost time
      • Inefficiency and lost time
      • Stress and lost time
      • Mistakes and lost REVENUE
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    Imagine an assistant in your pocket who knows your:

      • Employees
      • Customers
      • Routes
      • Job details
      • Billable work
  • It's frustrating to deal with these hassles.

    That's why is the

    Work Order App for service businesses just like yours.

    Tame the Chaos. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

    Get ezbz app Gold FREE for 30 Days

    Limited time only

    Landscapers | Couriers | Dog Walkers | Electricians | Commercial Cleaners | Pool Maintenance | Fertilizer | Property Managers | Home Health Care | Irrigation | Junk Removal | Roll Off Dumpster | House Cleaners | Pest Control | Just to Name A Few

    Say goodbye to unused bells & whistles.

    Say hello to the features you'll use.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    At the end of your free 30-day trial, you’ll automatically continue on the Gold Plan at $49.95 per month. You can also select another plan option or cancel at anytime. If you downgrade to the Basic (Free) plan, you’ll be able to continue to use as long as you’d like. 

    Check out the plan options to compare our different plans and select the one that best fits your needs. 

    There are no commitments or contracts. You can cancel your subscription at any time without penalty. 
    There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of service, upgrade or downgrade refunds, or refunds for months unused.
    Review our terms of service for more information.

    You wouldn’t buy a new car without test driving it first, so that’s why we offer free trials to new and eligible returning subscribers.

    During your free trial period, you’ll get the full Gold Plan experience for 30 days. Once your trial period is over, you will be billed $49.95 to continue on the Gold Plan.  You can change plans or cancel at anytime in the app’s settings.

    Absolutely! All subscription plans include unlimited users at no additional cost.

    Subscriptions are automatically renewed every month. Your plan must be changed or canceled prior to the next monthly renewal.

    Visit your billing page by going to Settings > Billing. From there, you can change your plan and update your payment information.

    We made easy to access so it will work anytime and anywhere you’re working. 

    After you sign up, you can download in the Google Play or App stores. You can also access on the web at

    What are customers are saying:

    What are you waiting for? is available on Apple and Android devices. It’s not available on flip phones, walkie talkies or Nokia 3310s.

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